debt consolidation Canada

debt consolidation canada

Are you having debt problems?

If so, we will answer all your questions and legally represent you, the debtor, and act in your best interests. We have the expertise to advise you of your legal options and we take your side in any dispute. We will rigorously defend your rights!


Our services include:

  • Debt negotiation and settlement
  • Debt management and consolidation
  • Credit restructuring and re-building
  • Consumer proposal (business and personal)
  • Bankruptcy (business and personal)
  • Credit rebuilding
  • Court representation
  • Legal filing
  • Secured financial products
  • Legal/financial rehabilitation


How can we help you?

Debt Consolidation Loans in Canada

We help you by getting interest rate reductions on personal debt, so your payments are smaller and you get out of debt faster.

We help get your good credit back and get the things you need to move ahead in life with a home, a car, you name it.

We do much more than simply eliminate your debt. Our approach is all about staged support and program features customized for the individual client as you eliminate debt and return to financial health.

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Debt Consolidation Canada

Sample of our debt consolidation loans - payments and savings schedule:

The chart below shows how much you might pay before entering our debt consolidation payment plan.

Take note of the beginning balance and the total amount paid. In some cases,depending upon your payment habits,
the total amount paid can exceed the beginning balance by 3-4 times.

Typical Payment Schedule
CreditorBeg. BalanceTotal PaymentNo. of Payments
Citi Financial$2,100.00$4,104.68149
Wells Fargo$3,500.00$7,069.36185
Master Card$3,100.00$6,222.32187
Visa$3,600.00$7,281.55 187

This chart below shows an example of the savings one might get after entering a DCL Canada program.
In this example, you would have saved $12,790.12 a 42.5% savings: money that stays in your pockets, not the creditors!

This and much more can be accomplished through our debt consolidation payment plan.

Example of Estimated Savings by DCL Canada - Debt Consolidation Loans
CreditorNew PlanNo. of PaymentsSavings
Citi Financial$2,429.6844$1,674.98
Wells Fargo$4,136.4045$2,932.96
Master Card$3,100.0038$3,122.32
Totals$17,263.01 $12,790.12


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